About Me
Hi there! I am Lisa, a junior UX/UI and graphic designer, leveraging my past life in psychology and marketing research to design impactful experiences and interactions.
Why do we do what we do? Is the question that drove my exploration of Social Psychology, Human Motivation and Personality in my undergraduate studies at McGill University. This educational background has shaped how I view the world as I entered the world of marketing research after graduation.
First in the pharmaceutical sphere, I got the opportunity to help set up brand planning and strategy workshops using design thinking methodologies and other frameworks. Looking to explore more industries, I moved on to a Project Manager role to conduct in-agency qualitative and quantitative studies for brands in retail, transportation and banking. As a curious person, I enjoyed discovering people’s attitudes towards eco-friendly toilet paper packaging, as much as figuring out which sound identity is a better fit for a brand new mode of transportation!
Being immersed in the research world gave me a solid understanding of the intricacies and biases that go into the art of listening. I found out that not only did I want to understand and identify problems, I wanted to be part of creating solutions. Having always had an interest in visual design, as I illustrated journal articles for fun as a student, I decided to go back to school in 2021 to learn the basics of Graphic Design at Concordia University. This led me to discovering the world of UX, which sits quite perfectly at the intersection of my skillset and interests! "You can't connect the dots looking forward", as Jobs would say.
Now that you know more about me, let’s talk about how I can put those acquired skills to good use!
Hometown: Nice, France
What I do on my free time: 💃🏻, 🧗‍♀️, 🎶, 🎨
The Design book I am currently reading
This is Service Design Thinking, by Stickdorn, Marc, Schneider

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