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In the context of the Concordia University UX Certificate, I had the opportunity to prototype mobile application features using a pre-existing design system (such as in the FLO case study) or by building a new one. For this project, my team was given the challenge to develop the branding and design system for a fictive neobank, MapleBank. 
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Student Project 
May - June 2022
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- The colour contrast in the logo is intended to make the word "eBank" stand out, as MapleBank is an online bank.
- The colourful palet is made of pastels that represent the notion of categorization, our differentiating feature. It is also soothing, youthful, modern, and accessible (a bank for everyone).
- The primary black gives expensive feel of a premium financial product, contrasting with the friendliness of the pastel colours.
- The primary lavender is at the intersection of blue, symbol of stability and serenity, as well as purple for wealth and ambition.
- The maple leaf pattern is included in the logo to denote a Canadian Bank. The repetition of the leaf in the logo intends to create a sense of symmetry that is representative of order.
- Finally, the choice of modern bold serif fonts is in line with the overall design to convey modernity and innovation
as our app targets a relatively young demographic that is image conscious.

Other Graphic Design Work

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